Global Citizen

AVIC supports the Belt and Road Initiative with a mission to strengthen interconnection, industry investment and trade cooperation in partner countries.

On May 9, 2017, AVIC proposed Aerial Silk Road Initiative to support. AVIC continues to promote Sino-Africa Regional Aviation Cooperation Plan, and build Air Silk Road among partner countries.

Creating a Better World Beyond Commerce

AVIC has carried out vocational education, mobile hospital building, and training of national youth service teams and other livelihood projects in African countries, dedicating to improve African youth’s skills and employment and improve local medical standards.

In Sept. 5, 2019,the Sixth Edition of the Africa Tech Challenge (ATC) was held in Nairobi and drew participants from across eight African countries. All 48 students and 16 advisors have shown dedication to the five-week CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathe training and had a fierce two-day CNC Lathe contest. Fifteen Kenyan technical trainee have won scholarships amounting to 1.5 million shillings (USD15,000) in honor of Chinese tutor Jin Yetao, who passed away in Africa.

ATC is originated from the original intention of AVIC to “repay Africa and benefit the local community”. It commits to promote local youth’s skills for employment through professional skill training and competition as well as the relevant industrial chains of aviation industry in Africa.

Public Welfare

AVIC has joined China’s national poverty alleviation project since 1993.

AVIC has launched 532 poverty alleviation projects of all types ranging from industrial development, education funding, infrastructure and improvement of people’s livelihood environment.

Blue Chalk, a rural teacher training project organized by AVIC dating from 2010, provides free professional training to teachers in developing rural area. All Blue Chalk tutors are recruited from Beijing or Shenzhen and hold advanced education philosophy and practice.