Military Aviation & Defence

AVIC provides a large portfolio of advanced fighters, trainers, transporters, helicopters, UAVs and airborne weapons for global defense market.

  • Fighters

    AVIC Techniques has developed a series of high-performance and multi-purpose fighter jets. Its FC-1, FC-20 and F-8T are among the most advanced fighters in the world.

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  • Trainers

    From the reliable basic trainer K8 to the advanced multi-utility L15, the trainers that AVIC produces cover the complete training system from beginner, intermediate to advanced stages.

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  • Military Helicopters

    Z-9WE is a 4-ton-class armed multi-role helicopter powered by two turbo-shaft engines. It can be armed with various powerful weapons including anti-tank missiles, rockets, cannons and machine guns as well as a sophisticated fire-control system and mission equipment.……

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  • Transporters

    AVIC Aircraft produces a range of military transport airplanes for air transportation, emergency and disaster relief including Y8 and Y9, etc.

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  • Autonomous Systems

    In response to the demand of international markets, AVIC has made a variety of UAVs for surveillance, reconnaissance, aerial photography and remote sensing, etc.

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